Master Chefs Cook Kosher

The number of people eating kosher these days may surprise you. The New York Times puts the figure at 6.5 million people in the US alone -- many of them not even Jewish. But traditional kosher food has a less-than-gourmet reputation. No more! Judy Zeidler's Jewish TV Network program, Judy's Kitchen, features today's greatest chefs offering revolutionary new takes on kosher cuisine. While following all the dietary laws to the letter, the chefs on Judy's Kitchen have come up with exciting dishes such as Corn Blinis with Marinated Salmon, Whitefish Roasted in Red Wine and Dried Apricots, Moroccan Tomato Salad, Short Rib Terrine with Herb Vinaigrette, and Caramelized Apple Napoleons. Separate chapters offer complete meat and dairy menus, plus breads and desserts, each from a different well-known chef. There is culinary life after the matzo ball!
by Judy Zeidler (Author), Michael Lamotte (Photographer)
Hardcover, 176 Pages

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