In the Promised Land


A magician plunges into the Mississippi River with wrists manacled together.

A doctor comforts children before injecting them with an experimental vaccine he hopes will save the lives of millions.

A law student, turned away from the Harvard library where women are not allowed, begins a career fighting for equal rights that leads to her appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

These defining moments, described in vivid detail, introduce young readers to Harry Houdini, Dr. Jonas Salk, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as ten other distinguished Jewish Americans. By focusing on one key scene from each of thirteen people's lives, ac-claimed author Doreen Rappaport and noted artists Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu give young readers an exciting introduction to the great history of Jewish Americans.

By Doreen Rappaport (Author), Cornelius Van Wright (Illustrator), and Ying-Hwa Hu (Illustrator)

Hardcover. 31 pages


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