Easy & Elegant: 300 Kosher International Jewish Recipes


Here is an extraordinary collection of today's most popular gourmet dishes – “American style with Israeli influences”. Readers will be able to relax knowing that their next dinner or party will be easy to prepare while elegant in presentation. With color photographs and simple directions, you will create wonderful dishes that explore the gamut of delicacies. So the next time you feel like cooking, take along the author’s experiences with exotic spices and sauces, advancing your recipes with a new ethnic flavor of Israel. Mindy Ginsberg is an imaginative cooking expert, who has lovingly assembled and shared over 30 years of proven recipes. She is based in New York and Tel Aviv and has had two previous cookbooks published in Israel in collaboration with Ruth Sirkus, Israel’s best selling author of cookbooks.

By Mindy Ginsberg (Author)

Paperback, 216 pages


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