A Taste of Tradition: The How And Why of Jewish Cooking


A Taste of Tradition is more than a cookbook of recipes; it is a user-friendly food guide that samples and presents the cultural and traditional heritage of the Jewish year. Holiday specialties and festive meals reveal fascinating facts about Jewish life, moral values and history. By offering many full menus, A Taste of Tradition, makes holiday meal planning easy and fun, covering everything from luscious canapés and hors d'oeuvres to mouth-watering desserts, with exciting and manageable dinner dishes in between. A Taste of Tradition was written in Los Angeles, while the author’s husband served as an Israeli Diplomat. Sirkis, being the wife of a diplomat, was frequently organizing social functions, from intimate dinners at her home to widely attended receptions.

By Ruth Sirkis (Author)

Hardcover, 128 pages


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