Jewish Lives, Jewish Learning


This unique book is designed to invigorate, enhance and promote adult learning. Dr. Diane Tickton Schuster's groundbreaking new book addresses key issues in the rapidly expanding field of Jewish adult education. Using stories of learners and teachers, as well as theories of adult development and education, Dr. Schuster provides insight into how Jewish adults learn and grow.

The search for understanding adult Jewish learning starts by seeking to understand people’s individual experiences - Jewish Lives, Jewish Learning also chronicles many personal Jewish journeys.

Some of the questions this book tackles are:

-What prompts Jewish adults to begin to study texts?

-What obstacles need to be overcome for adult learners to feel safe and confident in their pursuit of more Jewish knowledge?

-What enriches the growth of adult students-and their teachers as well?

Jewish Lives, Jewish Learning covers many topics, including providing easy access to learning, aiding the quest for competence, understanding different kinds of learners, creating learner-centered education, supporting teacher development, and more. Drawing on research and experience, this book contains practical suggestions for professionals working with Jewish adults. Jewish Lives, Jewish Learning presents compelling and exciting new ways to reinvigorate adult Jewish learning while also providing important insights into adult faith development and spiritual journeys.

By Diane Tickton Schuster (Author)

Paperback, 249 pages


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