Zeide! Why Are You Wearing White Tennis Shoes on Yom Kippur?


This is a Jewish children's book aimed at children aged 4 and older, especially to be read with grandparents or parents. The title and story came from a real life situation between the author (Zeide) and Bella (his granddaughter). The author has been a cantor for over 35 years as well as a professor of medicine at USC and a writer of both medical texts and family life educational material. This past Yom Kippur as he was preparing to sing Kol Nidre at the young family service, his granddaughter Bella came running up and asked: "Zeide, why are you wearing white tennis shoes on Yom Kippur"? Well after Kol Nidre, his thoughts wandered to her question and he realized: Wow, this is the title of a children's book and a perfect way to explain the symbols of the holidays and stimulate further discussion about family traditions. The warm bond between grandfather and granddaughter, the story line, and the beautiful illustrations will make this book a wonderful addition to the children's Jewish holiday literature.

by Lawrence Neinstein (Author), Lorraine Bubar (Illustrator)

Paperback, 30 Pages


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