Puppet Care & Feeding

For long pile fluffy plush, we recommend a vigorous shake-out to freshen your puppet up if it gets flattened or crushed.

Short pile plush can get grooming with a wire or coarse-bristled brush, like a pet grooming brush. By brushing with – rather than against – the fabric grain, you’ll quickly restore the quality and realism of the animal’s fur. BUT NOTE THIS WARNING: a strong brush is no friend to the eyes and ears of an animal. Both can be scratched and damaged if care is not taken to avoid these sensitive areas.

Cleaning Recommendations

DO NOT PUT IN WASHER OR DRYER. This will destroy your puppet. Our plush puppets are surface-washable only. Do not submerge the puppet in water. For spot cleaning, use lukewarm water and sponge with Woolite® or other mild liquid detergent to wet and lather fur. Rinse surface with sponge. Be careful not to wring or twist the puppet, or you may end up with lumpy stuffing. Dry by gently squeezing between towels, or hanging from clothesline to drip-dry. After it’s dry, shake it out. For short pile plush, use a brush to fluff the fur. When brushing face, be careful to avoid scratching the eyes or pulling out the threads in ears, nose, or mouth areas.    

"Feeding" your Puppet

The only feeding your puppet requires is lots of love and snuggly fun!

Caring Recommendations

You can maintain your puppets' appearance by brushing whenever they need a touch up. Animals with long plush also enjoy a nice fluffing once in awhile.

Long hair plush - shake out vigorously. Do not comb or brush because you will lose the shape of the tufts

Short Hair plush – can be brushed with a wire pet brush to fluff up the plush but avoid the eyes ears and nose.

Folkmanis® Statement of Toy Safety

All Folkmanis® puppets are produced in China under stringent quality guidelines so that they can meet the safety requirements of European Union EN- 71 Toys (Safety) Regulations of 1995, which are generally stricter than the U.S. standards. We test to the European Union standards because we have marketed our puppets in Europe for many years.

New U.S. toy safety legislation (CPSIA) regarding printed warnings for small parts as well as new limits on lead content is going into effect in November 2008. Our designs do not incorporate small parts and are tested to assure this. We have tested our products under the European Union standards since 1994 to assure that the levels of lead are below 90 ppm. In the U.S., the new rules will not require a similar (below 100 ppm) standard until August of 2011. At that time, Folkmanis, Inc. will have already met that standard for seventeen years.