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Seder Plates and Matzah Plates and Covers

On the first night of Passover, Jews gather in families or groups to share a ceremonial meal, the Seder. They retell the exodus story, eat unleavened bread (matzah) and symbolic foods, drink wine, and sing songs of rejoicing. A special plate is used for these symbolic foods: the zero'ah (shankbone) represents the biblical lamb sacrifice made on the eve of the exodus from Egypt; the maror (bitter herb) recalls the bitterness of slavery; haroset (usually a mixture of crushed fruits, nuts, and wine) symbolizes the mortar from which the Hebrew slaves made bricks for Pharoah; karpas (a green vegetable) represents the coming of spring; and beitzah (a roasted egg) is a symbol of new life.

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Ambrosia Seder Plate
Mary Jurek
Black Spring Matzah Plate
Melanie Dankowicz
Black Spring Seder Plate
Melanie Dankowicz
Futura Seder Plate
Jonathan Adler
Louvre Seder Plate
Mesa Matzah Plate
Mary Jurek
Moon Seder Plate
Laura Cowan

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