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A Jewish home is traditionally identified by a mezuzah, a small parchment scroll inserted in a case and fastened to the doorpost. The scroll includes two passages from the Bible, including the verse "Inscribe them (the words of God) on the doorposts (mezuzot) of your house and on your gates."

One of the Hebrew names of God is written on the back of the parchment. The scroll is rolled so that the name is visible through an opening in the case. The mezuzah serves as a daily reminder of the commandments. Audrey's offers the parchments for purchase separately.

For more information on rolling and inserting a parchment into a mezuzah case, and on affixing a mezuzah to a doorpost, visit our mezuzah informational page.

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Concrete and Metal Mezuzah
Marit Meisler
Concrete Mezuzah: Abstract Shin
Marit Meisler
Marbled Black & White Mezuzah
Tamara Baskin
Metal Folded Shin Mezuzah
Marit Meisler
Noah's Ark Acrylic Mezuzah
Caspi Cards
Pewter Floral Bouqet Mezuzah
Emily Rosenfeld
Pewter Heart Mezuzah
Emily Rosenfeld
Pewter House Mezuzah
Emily Rosenfeld

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