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Kiddush Cups

Before the Sabbath meal begins, the kiddush (meaning "sanctification") is recited over wine. Many kiddush cups are inscribed with biblical verses or quotations from the kiddush blessing.

An Elijah Cup is a ceremonial cup symbolically placed on the Passover Seder table for the prophet Elijah.

Similarly to the Elijah Cup, a cup is placed on the Seder table at Passover for the prophet Miriam to commemorate her efforts to support the people during the exodus from Egypt.

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Creation Kiddush Cup
Laura Cowan
Dabbah Petals Kiddush Cup
Dabbah Judaica
Louvre Kiddush Cup
Nambe Kiddush Cup
Silvana Kiddush Cup
Mary Jurek
Steve Resnick Crystal Grape Vine Kiddush Cup
Steve Resnick Studio

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