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Audrey's is a treasure chest for jewelry lovers. We carry some of the finest and most innovative jewelry designs from around the world. Our selection ranges from the contemporary to the traditional, many pieces uniquely handcrafted. Audrey's features a number of artisanal Fair Trade pieces as well, in addition to cutting-edge designs from Israel.

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Pomegranate Garnet Necklace
Angie Olami
Pomegranate Pendant Necklace
Emily Rosenfeld
Roman Glass Dangle Necklace
Av Omer Jewelry
Roman Glass Square Beaded Necklace
Av Omer Jewelry
Roman Glass Square Dangle Earrings
Av Omer Jewelry
Seeka Hamsa Necklace
Seven Cube Glass Necklace
Anat Sapir
Shema Necklace
Alef Bet

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Take home treasures "wrapped up in thousands of years of history and culture." - Museums Los Angeles