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Bridal Registry Information

Planning your wedding? Audrey's Museum Store at the Skirball Cultural Center welcomes couples to choose from a variety of traditional to contemporary items for all your wedding needs.

Everything for your wedding ceremony


Our specialists will guide you through the process of selecting your ketubbah, incorporating your personal tastes and ideas. Learn more at our ketubbah informational page or view our online selection of ketubbot.

Other Ceremonial Objects

Sip from a new kiddush cup, available in a range of styles from traditional silver to something with a modern flair, like pewter or glass. Step on a colorful glass and save the shards from your ceremony and preserve them as functional artwork, as mezuzot, picture frames, a kiddush cup, or Shabbat candlesticks.

Everything for your Jewish home

Audrey's Museum Store also offers a bridal registry featuring exquisite ceremonial objects for holiday celebrations. Begin collecting tomorrow's treasured heirlooms: Shabbat candlesticks, hallah plates and covers, Hanukkah lamps, seder plates, tzedakah boxes, and more.


Our discerning selection of the latest resource books will provide inspiration and guidance throughout your wedding planning process.

Helpful hints for building your registry

Give yourself and your guests time

You should begin building your registry at least six months before the wedding. This gives you the time to make registry decisions and gives your guests ample time to purchase gifts for your bridal shower and other pre-wedding events.

Make an appointment

Though walk-ins are always welcome, we recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you allocate enough time to make the best decisions regarding registry items.

Register together

Sit down as a couple and discuss your registry needs ahead of time. We encourage couples to register together, but if both of you cannot attend, having an initial conversation will help inform your decisions as to quantity, style, and material of items. Bringing along a parent or a friend can also be beneficial as a source of advice.

Choose a wide variety of items at a wide range of prices

Your bridal registry is a wish list of all the items you'll need to build your life together, so make sure to be inclusive. It's also important to provide lower-priced items, like cookbooks, matchboxes, or sets of lovely, hand-decorated Shabbat candles.

Use online registries as a tool

When registering at multiple stores, it can be hard to keep track of where you've registered for which item and what you haven't yet registered for. After registering, check your online registry for accuracy and keep a printout for your own reference. As you go from store to store, you'll have a handy record of what you already have covered.

Building Your Jewish Home

Audrey's Museum Store at the Skirball Cultural Center offers couples this helpful list to choose items for all your holiday celebrations. An asterisk (*) indicates use for other holidays as well.


  • Hallah plate/board
  • Hallah knife
  • Hallah cover
  • *Kiddush cup
  • *Candlesticks/candles
  • Optional:
    • *Matchbox
    • *Tzedakah box
    • Drip cups
    • Music CD
    • Havdalah set with candle and spices
    • *Washing cup
    • Kugel server

High Holy Days

  • Round hallah plate
  • White hallah cover
  • Apple and honey dish
  • *Candlesticks/candles
  • *Kiddush cup
  • Yahrzeit candle and holder
  • Optional:
    • Shofar and stand
    • Themed salt and pepper shakers
    • Pomegranates
    • Etrog box


  • Hanukkah lamp
  • Hanukkah candles
  • *Matchbox
  • Optional:
    • Spray for cleaning the Hanukkah lamp
    • Drip cups
    • Latke plates/platters and servers
    • Dreidels
    • Chocolate gelt for dreidel game
    • Children's games/toys/puzzles


  • Seder plate(s) (you may wish to have more than one depending on the size of your dining table and/or the number of guests)
  • Matzah plate(s)
  • Matzah cover(s)
  • *Candlesticks/candles
  • *Kiddush cup
  • *Matchbox
  • *Tzedakah box
  • Kippot for all male guests
  • Elijah cup
  • Haggadah (one per guest)
  • Optional:
    • Miriam cup
    • Salt water bowl
    • Haroset bowl
    • Themed salt and pepper shakers
    • Afikomen bag

Additional items for consideration

  • Jewish calendar
  • Cookbook(s) with traditional holiday recipes
  • Holiday music CDs
  • Book selections about the holidays
  • Young children's items for the holidays
  • Mezuzah for the front door and more traditionally for back door plus all interior doors except bathrooms
  • Tallit (for attending synagogue)

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